Hair Treatment

Botox Capilar
The treatment uses a combination of proteins, amino acids, and vitamins to heal damaged hair.
It helps replenish lost nutrients, repair split ends, and reduce breakage. It makes hair less frizzy,
giving it a smoother, sleeker appearance. The hair’s natural sheen can be improved with botox
capilar, giving it a glossy and lustrous appearance.

The treatment uses nanotechnology to strengthen and restore the hair shaft. Small particles are
applied to the hair strands and penetrate deeply for intense hydration and repair. It repairs split
ends, reduces breakage, and reverses the damage. It smooths the cuticles, makes hair more
manageable, reduces frizz, and enhances styling.

Keratin Treatment
The treatment infuses the hair with keratin, a protein naturally present in hair, to smooth and
straighten it semi-permanently. It reduces frizz, relaxes curls, and straightens the hair, giving you
smoother, easier-to-manage hair. Keratin treatment enhances the hair’s natural shine, repairs
damage, reduces breakage and provides intense hydration.

Hair Coloring
Hair coloration will enhance your overall appearance, whether you need a subtle or bold
transformation. It covers grey or white hair, providing a more youthful and consistent color.

Bleaching is a chemical procedure that removes existing pigment from hair to lighten its natural
color. It is commonly used to create lighter shades, like platinum or blonde. It serves as a base
for different dye colors or creative color techniques.

Ombre Hair Color
Hair is colored in a gradient, with a darker shade at the roots and a lighter shade at the ends.
Ombre hair color requires fewer touch-ups. It produces a natural-looking effect and a sun-kissed
tint. It can also be customized to suit different preferences.

Looking for a sleek and elegant look? No matter where you go, our classic straight hairstyles will
make you look polished and sophisticated. Whether you have short or long hair, our experts will
work magic to create the perfect style. From voluminous waves to bouncy curls, an updo, or
braid, Our skilled stylists know how to add glamour to your look.

With a haircut, you can have beautiful and healthy hair. Our stylists are experts in the latest
haircut trends and techniques, ensuring you walk out of our salon with style. With their attention
to detail and passion for hair, they’ll ensure that every snip is precise and every angle is just
right, leaving you with a haircut that exceeds your expectations. Do cut your hair every two
months to make them grow faster.