Hair Extensions

Keratin Tip Extension
The treatment employs keratin protein to bind the extensions to your existing hair. The hair is
perfect for straightening, curling, and styling, similar to your hair. Keratin tip extensions can last
several months. The keratin bond provides a strong hold, allowing daily activities and regular
hair care routines.

Micro Bead Extensions
Tiny metal beads or clips attach the extensions to your natural hair. The metal beads provide a
firm grip, enabling the hair to endure everyday tasks and styling. Micro bead extensions offer
versatility in length, volume, and style. These extensions can be reused for many applications.

Tape-in extensions use adhesive tape to connect the extensions to your natural hair. The
extensions are quick and simple to apply. These can be styled, curled, and straightened like
natural hair. You can also cut and color the extensions to match your desired look.

Clip- in-Extension
Clip-in hair extensions are a simple way to add volume, length, or a splash of color to your
natural hair. Hair is parted, extensions are clipped into the desired portions, and the clips are
released to secure the extensions. It is simple to use and can be curled, straightened, or styled
to achieve the desired look.